At Drop our approach is to help people be the best they can be and to accelerate the culture of world leading organisations. We offer unique programs that are supported by current empirical research and theoretical approaches of optimal human and organisational performance. Each program provides participants with opportunities to assess various factors that may be impacting their performance and wellbeing. Working collaboratively with our clients we ensure that performance potential is realised whilst living a life in balance.

“Understanding the importance of having strong values that underpin organisational culture was a real turning point in helping our staff live the behaviours that are representeative of our culture" Jake Doran - Founding Director at Chance for Kids Charity/Professional Cricketer (Tasmanian Tigers, Sydney Thunder)
"When leading a team it is important to be able to instil certain qualities. The session Drop delivered detailing the functionings of a high performing team inspired us to create pillars for the business, which now provides the framework for our employees to hold each other accountable.” Adam Skrobalak - Chief Executive Officer  (Team Works Performance)
"Forming a deeper understanding of the stress that accompanies being an elite athlete, has allowed me to implement and fine tune strategies which limit its negative impact. This allows me to focus on my well-being and performance in all areas of my life" Jarryn Geary- Professional Australian Rules Footballer (Captain St Kilda Football Club)








Drop Consulting aims to enhance understanding of self, culture, wellbeing and performance. Drop Consultants work with individuals and teams in both the corporate and professional sporting environment, and with any person wanting to reach their performance potential while living a life in balance.




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Awareness of our wellbeing, and the importance of managing both our physical and mental state is fundamental to achieve growth and ultimately, prosperity.

To achieve continuous growth in our lives, including our careers, we must strive to perform at the upper echelon of our potential. At Drop our innovative programs are designed to explore and drive your best performance.

Understanding that everyone is unique, we aim to help  each individual gain awareness of the importance of living life holistically, whilst striving for their peak performance.


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